About Us


I'm a native New Englander from Rhode Island, but northern Virginia has been my home for the last 15 years.  My family and I moved around quite a bit as I'm a retired USAF Veteran serving 21 years.

I began designing and building custom furniture over 25 years ago. Like most hobbyist, it started as a cheap way to furnish my home.  It quickly grew into a way to pay for my tool addiction.

I love designing and building furniture.  For me, there is very little more satisfying then making something useful and attractive with my two hands.

If given three wishes for Wooden Rhino, I wish you would:

  1. Follow me on this journey ( Facebook and Instagram)
  2. Tell some friends about Wooden Rhino...actually tell everyone
  3. Place an order! (I have to keep the lights on 😊 )

All seriousness, I would love to build something awesome for you!